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  • power input 100-240V 50/60HZ
  • power output 15V 800mA
  • strength selection Low, middle, high
  • ultrasonic frequency 1MHZ
  • ultrasonic treatment probe area 25. 5cm2
  • ultrasonic depth 3-5cm2
  • ON/OFF
  • timing time 10 minutes automatic shutdown, ion 5 seconds prompt
  • beauty instrument size (cm) 190*80*60cm
  • conventional packaging instrument, power supply, 2 small bag patch (4 pieces) EMS cable magic gloves blue goggles English manual

1, 1 million ultrasonic waves per second.

2, 1 million ultrasound deep massage cells per second.

3, 57mm oversized ultrasonic massage steel head, suitable for body and obese parts care.

4, Low, Middle, High three different ultrasonic intensity selection, suitable for the care of thin fat in different parts.

5, two-color light red and blue light treatment, to solve skin problems under special circumstances.

6, specific wavelength pure light, red light, 625 ± 3 nm, blue light, 465 ± 3 nm.

7, ion export, deep cleansing skin, ion into deep nourishing skin.

8, 5 kinds of massage methods, acupuncture, scraping, massage, firming, slimming, 5 kinds of different massage intensity EMS physiotherapy, relieve body pain, eliminate edema, relieve fatigue, etc.

9, the unique and easy-to-operate slimming two-step nursing program design, first of all, EMS opens the hole, opens the body meridian, the second step is to massage fat and infrared rays to speed up fat burning metabolism and obtain visible slimming effect.

10, the instrument design automatically shuts down for 10 minutes.

11, small in appearance and easy to carry.

12, universal voltage 100-240 V, to meet the needs of any country.


14, safety stainless steel ultrasonic probe and ABS body material. Product Application:

Technical Features: ultrasonic wave vibration 1 million times per second, low peripheral wave (percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), far infrared

1, targeted massage of fat cells through specific frequency ultrasound, temporarily disrupting the permeability of fat cell membrane, effectively reduce fat mass.

2, the red light blue light around the probe improves skin vitality, activates cells, and strengthens metabolism.

3, using PHOTO (light care) to achieve skin beauty-strengthen water soluble, oil soluble beauty liquid penetration, promote the increase of collagen protein. Red light: wavelength 624 ± 3nm 12 LED activated cells, promote collagen hyperplasia blue light: wavelength 467 ± 3 nm12 LED anti-inflammatory sterilization, eliminate acne, treatment of acne, scars, etc.

4, ultrasonic wave and ion provide cleaning function for acne, acne skin deep cleansing, the effect of regulating oil secretion and so on

5, using micro-current massage, in this mode, the current stimulates muscles and makes them move passively. Muscle movement will consume fat, sugar and carbohydrates from surrounding tissues. Muscles consume about 60-70 joules per second during normal exercise, but muscles exercising at high frequencies can reach-joules per second. Effective skin problems: obesity, fat mass, orange skin, acne skin aging spots relax skin. Three non-surgical treatments (ultrasound, red and blue light and micro-current massage) are used to help realize the dream body curve.