ShowerSandal Foot Scrubber

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ShowerSandal Foot Scrubber give you a thorough foot scrub in one step! This foot scrubber brings the spa treatment to you, allowing you to gently scrub, massage and stimulate your feet without bending. Soft, high-quality bristles clean your feet, while the sole features suction cups that affix to your shower or tub surface. An invigorating foot scrub is as simple as moving your foot back and forth while showering!

    • Easy cleaning feet from top to bottom
    • No more bending or stretching to wipe their feet
    • Manufactured with over a thousand soft bristle cleaning
    • The massages, exfoliates and removes dirt
    • Pumice smooths rough, cracked heels
    • all Adapts feet no matter what shape or size
    • suction cup sticks to almost any surface
    • Easy to clean
    • be great for the feet of all ages, ideal for family use
    • Perfect for seniors and people with limited mobility