Silisponge Silicon Makeup Applicator (BESTSELLER)

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A Revolutionary Beauty Tool used to flawlessly apply makeup with ZERO product waste. You only need a fraction of the amount of product that you would use with a typical sponge or brush.

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  • The hottest selling beauty product of 2017!

Maximize your product with this waste free way to apply your makeup and skincare. Half the amount of liquid or cream products are needed when applying directly to this sponge. The soft, jelly like material allows you to fold and crease to get full coverage. Apply and blend your makeup without having to get your fingers dirty. This applicator sponge not only saves you product but is the most hygienic way to apply your makeup. After every use it can be easily washed with a little bit of soap and warm water. Apply your makeup like a professional!



1. Take a small amount of liquid or cream product and apply it to the sponge. 

2. Use circular, back and forth or blotting motions to spread. Repeat to blend and set your base. 

3. Repeat and Build coverage as needed.