Instant Toppik Hair Building Fiber

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Are you sick of dealing with alopecia or premature baldness? Do you remember when you had a thick hair and wish you could turn back the clock?

Losing your hair can have a major impact not just on your looks, but also how you feel about yourself. It's common to be depressed and feel demotivated when faced with thinning hair. Research show that people with thick hair have more confidence. 

Like most of you've probably tried different solutions such as home remedies, various hair products, and even wigs to get back your old style.

If this sounds like you then it's time to take action and try something new.

Introducing InstaHair Secret Hair Fiber, the product that can thicken your hair and help regain confidence.

Famous celebrities like Jude Law, Naomi Campbell, Jamie Foxx and many others have used hair building fibers to look amazing.

Now you can too!

Use InstaHair Secret Hair Fiber to cover your baldness and rediscover your original looks. Add the fibers to areas that need more fullness and volume then gently pat them in to blend with your existing hair.

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Take action now and reclaim the look you deserve.

How to use

Step1: Apply Hair Building Fibers over area where you have thin hair
Remove the cap and position bottle over your head, holding it at a 45-degree angle. Gently tap the fibers over your hair until the thin areas are no longer visible and you are satisfied with the volume of your hair.

Step 2: Pat the Hair Building Fibers into Your Hair
Gently pat the fibers to blend them into your natural hair. Doing this will make the Hair Building Fibers completely undetectable.

Package includes: 1 Hair Building Fiber 25g (3 Month Supply)

Ingredients: Natural Keratin