LED Lip Plumper

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* The red LED lights directly help to stimulate and restore collagen in the lips to help minimize wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, and elasticity while improving circulation to reveal a fuller, more youthful lips. * The innovative latest lip device is designed to work from the inside out to transform your lip to be more plumper and restores youthfulness and firmness to your lips. * In addition to anti-aging effects, active infrared (IR) LED lights to promote skin recovery and healing activity, as well as decreasing damage caused by bruising, sunburn, cuts and scrapes, and cold sores. * Experience fuller, and More Youthful, Sexy Lips with Red Light Therapy Lip Care Naturally Fuller Lips.


* Ideal for all skin types * Improves lip tone. * Reduces the appearance of vertical lip lines, smile lines, and lip creases. * Heightens plumpness giving a fuller appearance * Restores natural collagen and elastin * Increases circulation.


- Lip Care Device * 1 - Clear, removable mouth tray * 2 - Universal USB and power cord * 1 - Instruction manual * 1

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